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Important Reminder

For Students requiring Student Visa — Collect BRP within 10 days.

9. Arriving Airport

  • For students travelling alone, once you get off the plane, please go to Immigration for Arrival Checking. After you collect your luggage, please get through the “green” path.  The green path is for students with nothing to declare for tax. When arriving at the arrival hall, please make sure you meet with the right person and return to school.

8. Packing

  • Clothing

    • The weather in the UK will usually be below 10°C after October. Remember to bring some winter clothing. Woolen wear or heattech will not be needed as there is heat inside school buildings.

  • Luggages

    • There is no lift in most of UK school buildings, if the student’s room is located on the top floor, the luggage will need to be carried from the ground floor to the top floor, in this situation, it is better to use 2 small suitcases than 1 large one. Before the long holiday begins, students are required to pack their stuff and be ready to change to other rooms. You will find it helpful to have some small luggage bags for this purpose.

  • Hand baggage size:  Check with airline

  • Please bring along the below documents in your bag:

    • Hong Kong ID card

    • Passport

    • Electronic flight tickets

  • If students requiring student visa to enter the UK for studying, please bring the below documents to Immigration

    • Parent(s) Consent Letter

    • CAS

    • Tuberculosis Test Certificate

    • Biometric Residence Permit Letter (BRP)

  • Cash:  Suggest around £500

  • School and Guardian’s Contact Detail

    • Students should bring along their school and guardian’s contact detail, phone number, address etc in case they need to contact them when arriving at the airport. There might be some situations that the person who picks you up is late due to traffic or other circumstance. If the person is late for 45 mins to 1 hour, students should get help from Information Centre in the arrival hall and ask for broadcasting. Sometimes the person has already arrived but just missed meeting you. If it is confirmed that the person is unable to pick you up and you need to arrange transportation on your own, please go to Information Centre and ask them to arrange a taxi for you. The arrangement by Information Centre will be trustworthy.

  • Inflight: Bring along a jacket when boarding. Air Conditioning will be cool on the plane.

7. Airport Pick-up

  • Please contact school or guardianships company to arrange the airport pickup for student in advance.

6. Flight Tickets

  • Parents should book flight tickets as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances, we suggest parents buy 3 sets of return tickets. If parents will not accompany with the student at the beginning of the term, we suggest parents use the unaccompanied minor services provided by the Airline if needed.

5. Guardian

  • According to UK legislation, overseas students who are over 16 years old do not need a guardian.

  • However, most of boarding schools or sixth form colleges will request students who are 16 years old or above to arrange for a guardian while they are in the UK.

  • Guardian is an emergency contact person in the UK. It is their responsibility to take care of the students in school holidays and exeats.

  • Parents may also consider using guardianship agencies if they do not have relatives or friends who can act as their children’s guardian.

4. Name Label

  • If students are going to study at boarding schools, the schools will normally help them to do laundry. Please sew the name label on each item that may need to wash.  The name tape format may vary from school to school, please check with the Uniform/Clothing list.

3. Uniform / Clothing List

  • Some uniforms stated on the Uniform/Clothing list are to be purchased in the UK, please do not try to purchase these uniforms in HK. The school will not allow students to wear uniforms that are not comparable to the school’s standard.

2. Joining Instruction Pack

  • Students normally receive joining instruction pack from their school around the end of June or July. The pack will include term date, uniform list, medical form, parent handbook and student handbook etc. The forms in the pack should be completed and returned to school as soon as possible. School will send the school fee invoice by the end of August. If the invoice does not state a payment deadline, please pay the fee on the first day of arrival.

1. Visa Application

  • British Citizens and BNO visa holders do not require a Student Visa.

  • For holders of other passports, you are requested to apply for Student Visa.

  • Preparation for visa application:​

    • Parents should arrange Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Test for student. After the test, doctor will issue a Tuberculosis Test Certificate.

    • After completed the online application, students are required to go to Visa Application Centre in person to complete the procedure, they will be asked to take photo and fingerprint.

    • Visa Application Centre will keep the students’ passport for approval.

    • Once a decision is made, students will receive email notifications from Visa Application Centre regarding the decision on the application and the collection of passport. The email with the decision will attach a “Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) Letter”

    • The visa printed on the passport is temporary. Please check the personal details carefully.

  • School will issue a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies). Once you receive your CAS, you can make visa application through an online system. Visa Application Fee and Health Surcharge are paid through credit card at the time of making online application.

  • The temporary visa (vignette) is valid for 90 days. Students should arrive in the UK within the said 90 days.

  • Please collect the BRP card on arrival in the UK within 10 days. BRP looks like a credit card containing the student’s visa data.

  • If you need a student visa to enter the UK, you should not use the e-gate to get through immigration. You should go through a Border Force officer and get your passport stamped on the vignette in order to enter the UK on the Student Visa.

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