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We know your goals.

Crafted to align with your aspirations, our courses are tailored to meet your needs and those of your dream school.

We know the way.

Guided by Head of Education, Giles Delaney, our programmes encapsulate his 16 years of expertise as a headmaster.

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Welcome to your future.

Welcome to Academic Asia Education.

Academic Asia Education –
The home of aspirational learning and innovative education.

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Mr Giles Delaney, Head of Education

We are honoured to enjoy a reputation amongst the UK leading schools for our integrity and professionalism and in Hong Kong for the high-quality educational and personal support we offer to our students.


Our ambitious and caring approach shapes our commitment to delivering an unparalleled learning experience that will fuel future school and career aspirations, encourage innovation, and instill lifelong learning values. As you embark on this journey with us, explore not just an education, but also a world of opportunity which can pave the way to a remarkable future.

What parents and students say about us

Parent's Name
Giles explained to us patiently on her weaknesses and strengths. After taking the lessons, she has more confidence & skills on answering questions. She really enjoys the lessons with Giles.
Parent's Name
Thank you so much for AA to arrange the ISEB course for my girl for preparing her application to UK Year 9. She really enjoys the lessons with Giles.
Parent's Name
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