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What parents and students say about us...

With tutor's support, my daughter improved her interview performance significantly. She also gained more confidence and enthusiasm for learning and self-development, which will serve her well in the future.

I highly recommend Academic Asia Education's Interview Course to anyone who needs a professional and experienced tutor for UK high school interview preparation.

Michelle Yuen

Parent  •  Interview Course

I reached my goal very quickly - a lot quicker than I had expected. I owe a tremendous amount of credit to my tutor for challenging me, providing support, his positivity, accessibility and professionalism. Thank you very much for being a great counsellor. 

A. Kwok

Student  •  Interview Course

Thank you so much to AA for arranging the ISEB course for my daughter to prepare her application for UK Year 9.


After tutor gave her assessments, he patiently explained her weaknesses and strengths to us. He suggested which subjects she should focus on and the duration of the course.


After taking the lessons, she has gained more confidence and skills in answering questions. She really enjoys the lessons with Giles.

Mrs. Chan

Parent  •  ISEB Accelerator

Thank you for helping me towards my interviews and giving me feedback of what I’m good at and need to improve on. Our lessons were fun and the practical examples helped me deal with different interview questions. It helped me a lot for my interviews and building my confidence, thank you!

Jake Wong

Student  •  Interview Course

The tutor knows how to switch on my son, share his knowledge with him and makes his mind work and opens my son’s eye to what the outside world and the elite kids are like. It’s one class that I listen to every time my son is in class as I also learned so much.
My son did very well in the interview; I was with him for some of it, and I was so surprised by his answers. I am so proud of him and thankful that we had Giles's guidance.


Parent  •  Interview Course

I am incredibly proud of my son's growth after just 10 interview lessons. His newfound inspiration and increased confidence in communicating with teachers and others are truly remarkable. The investment in these lessons has already proven invaluable to his development.


Parent  •  Interview Course

Our son, like many other 11-year-old boys, needed support in developing his self-initiative and understanding himself. Mr. Delaney has been working with my son for nearly a year now, and he has improved his confidence, communication, and creativity significantly. He inspired him to discover his strengths, passions, and interests in the world. He also taught him how to express those in a clear and compelling way. He has helped him to improve various skills and techniques that are essential for academic success and personal development. He has guided him on how to interact with people and to showcase his character, potential, and uniqueness in the boarding school interview process. Now, our son is well prepared for the challenges of life in boarding school.

Mr. Delaney is a very passionate and seasoned professional educator who has profound knowledge of the UK education system. He has made a huge impact on my son’s preparation for boarding school in UK. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a reliable and effective education consultant and tutor.


Parent  •  Interview Course

We have found this interview course to be very useful. At first, I had some doubts due to the absence of a fixed course syllabus. However, after a few lessons, and particularly after participating in my daughters' sessions, I came to understand why the course content isn't fixed.
The lessons are tailor-made to suit each child's individual needs. My two girls have completely different personalities, interests, and aspirations. Their tutor has a talent for identifying their strengths and areas for improvement, allowing him to customise the course accordingly. It's not just about fostering critical thinking; we are also grateful that he can quickly identify their habitual weaknesses and smartly guide them towards more positive behaviour.
The course integrates critical thinking with current world events and the tutor's teaching method involves engaging in mutual discussion, offering prompts, and guiding the direction while working with the child's own thought process. We intend to continue with these lessons.


Parent  •  Interview Course

My experience was amazing! The course has taught my daughter so much valuable information and given her such great interview skills and life advice. My daughter has significantly improved her interview skills. The guidance and shared experiences have been invaluable.

Mrs. Kwok

Parent  •  Interview Course

Mr Delaney is an open-minded, understanding and creative professor. He uses different and interactive techniques to enhance my interview skills. Besides, he is helpful to answer my questions and always makes sure I understand the contents clearly. Learning topics cover history, literature, art and global issues which open my eyes and widen my scope of horizons. I would definitely recommend his course to other students.

Tristan Lai

Student (Yr7)  •  Interview Course

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