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Master the ISEB Pre-assessment and secure your path to top UK independent schools

Creative Writing

Elevate your UK independent school application with literary creativity.

Course Introduction

Creative writing is an important part of the students English assessment for many UK independent schools. Alongside demonstrating a students use of vocabulary and grammar, it also exposes important elements of creativity and a wider intelligence. For example, a student's skills in exploring complex themes and for their writing to carry an underlying message will contribute strongly to their overall application.


Outstanding creative writing skills can so often make a profound difference to an overseas student's application. To have a strong command of English and to demonstrate this through a mature and sophisticated writing skills is the pinnacle of their English assessment.

Course Content

This 10 week (extendable) course aims to ensure that our students develop the confidence that is necessary to write creatively. It will cover and raneg of important skills, and the following area examples of what the course will offer to its students: 


  • Writing Structure and Planning — A student should have a well-established process for creative writing: for example, the ability to interpret a title, how to expand a plot and when/how to introduce characters for example. 

  • Message — What is the purpose of their writing? Does it have a moral or hidden message? Who is it written for? 

  • Literary Devices — Developing useful skills that will enhance the reader's experience through powerful and descriptive language. 

  • How to start and end your story — Grabbing the reader's attention and resolving your story can often be the hardest aspect of writing. Our course looks in detail at these important aspects. 

  • Studying examples of excellent literature — Reading is at the heart of the Academic Asia English curriculum and plays a significant part in this course. We will study a range of literature that aims to inspire our students and encourage them to emulate these great writers.  ​​​


  • Students who will be sitting an English assessment as part of their school assessment; OR

  • Students who simply love English! 

Course Structure

  • 1 session per week x 10 weeks

  • 1 hour per session

  • Online course

Taught by

  • Mr Giles Delaney & team

Course Info

Personalised Student Curriculum

Specifically tailored curriculum designed to align with each student's needs and the requirements of their selected schools.

In-Depth Pre-Course Assessment

Thorough assessments and personalized support plans crafted in detail, with discussions that include parental insights and expectations.

Expert UK-Based English Tutors

Engaging and experienced English teachers from the UK lead the courses, providing motivation and expert guidance.

Proven Success Record

A consistent history of success demonstrated by outstanding student results and positive feedback from pupils and parents.

What parents and students say about the course...

Thank you so much, Academic Asia, for arranging the ISEB course for my daughter to prepare her application for UK Year 9. After Giles assessed her, he patiently explained her weaknesses and strengths to us. After taking the lessons, she has gained more confidence and skills in answering questions. She really enjoys the lessons with Giles.

Name, Parent

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