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ISEB Pre-test Accelerator

Master the ISEB Pre-assessment and secure your path to top UK independent schools

Subject Tutoring

Tutoring tailored to your academic aspirations.

Customised Curriculum Focus

A personalised curriculum plan for each student, concentrating on selected skills and areas for improvement.

In-Depth Pre-Course Assessment

Parents are involved in a comprehensive assessment and support plan discussion to ensure a solid foundation for the course.

Motivational and Experienced Teachers

Engaging and experienced English teachers lead the courses, providing motivation and expert guidance.

Regular Progress Updates

Parents and students receive regular updates, tracking the student's development and milestones throughout the course.

Course Introduction

Students who are looking for additional support in their chosen subject or students who simply want to investigate and turn their knowledge into a deeper understanding of a subject. 

Course Content

Our experienced tutors know the syllabus inside out, offering to help students excel in subjects including:

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Geography

  • History

  • Latin

  • French

  • Music

  • Economics


  • Students who want to make more progress in a chosen subject area.

Course Structure

  • Custom to individual needs

  • Online teaching

Taught by

  • Mr Giles Delaney & team

Course Info

What parents and students say about the course...

With Mr Delaney's support, my daughter improved her interview performance significantly. She also gained more confidence and enthusiasm for learning and self-development, which will serve her well in the future.

Michelle Yuen, Parent

I am incredibly proud of my son's growth after just 10 interview lessons with Mr Giles. His newfound inspiration and increased confidence in communicating with teachers and others are truly remarkable. The investment in these lessons has already proven invaluable to his development.

Joyce, Parent

Mr. Delaney is a very passionate and seasoned professional educator who has profound knowledge of the UK education system. He has made a huge impact on my son’s preparation for boarding school in UK. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a reliable and effective education consultant and tutor.

Diana, Parent

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