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Personalised Student Curriculum

Specifically tailored curriculum designed to align with each student's needs and the requirements of their selected schools.

In-Depth Pre-Course Assessment

Thorough assessments and personalized support plans crafted in detail, with discussions that include parental insights and expectations.

Led by Former Headmaster

Courses directed by a former Head with 16 years of experience, offering deep educational expertise and leadership.

Proven Success Record

A consistent history of success demonstrated by outstanding student results and positive feedback from pupils and parents.

ISEB Pre-test Accelerator

Master the ISEB Pre-assessment and secure your path to top UK independent schools

Interview Course

Master key skills in short interviews, crucial for UK independent school selection.

Course Introduction

Student interviews are a critical part of the assessment process for all leading UK independent schools. Your child's interview will allow them the opportunity to demonstrate key skills that will not necessarily be shown in a written assessment. For example: critical and creative thinking, motivation, aspirations, independence, compassion, self-awareness and emotional maturity. These are all hugely important factors in a school's decision to select their strongest candidates.  


Many interviews are, however relatively short (often between 15 and 20 minutes) and offer only a limited opportunity for your son or daughter to demonstrate these qualities. Each question is an opportunity for them to shine, but how do they recognise and then use these questions effectively? 


Our Interview preparation Course is designed to offer your son or daughter every possible help in preparing for future interviews by studying these aspects in detail. 

Course Content

This 10-week course covers a range of key aspects that will prepare students well for their future interviews. It will include, (but is not limited by) the following: 

  • Self-Awareness — what/who do they want to portray at interview 

  • Why this school? — Understanding their motivations for applying to a specific school (finding common themes between their character and the school) 

  • What is a question actually asking? — Questions often enquire about more the then question might suggest. Can students see the greater depth and opportunity? 

  • Abstract Questions — How to think about these confidently and creatively. For example 'if anger were a building, which building would it be? This questions invites a critical and creative reflection on the nature of anger. 

  • Independence — What is independence and why is it important? …Take Care with this question! - it is much more than simply 'freedom'. 

  • Critical Thinking — An awareness of current affairs and philosophical thinking. 


  • Students aged between 9 and 17 who are preparing to sit interviews for their chosen schools in the next 12 months.  

Course Structure

  • 1 session per week x 10 weeks

  • 1 hour per session

  • Online course

Taught by

  • Mr Giles Delaney & team

Course Info

What parents and students say about the course...

With Mr Delaney's support, my daughter improved her interview performance significantly. She also gained more confidence and enthusiasm for learning and self-development, which will serve her well in the future.

Michelle Yuen, Parent

I am incredibly proud of my son's growth after just 10 interview lessons with Mr Giles. His newfound inspiration and increased confidence in communicating with teachers and others are truly remarkable. The investment in these lessons has already proven invaluable to his development.

Joyce, Parent

Mr. Delaney is a very passionate and seasoned professional educator who has profound knowledge of the UK education system. He has made a huge impact on my son’s preparation for boarding school in UK. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a reliable and effective education consultant and tutor.

Diana, Parent

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