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We know your goals.

Crafted to align with your aspirations, our courses are tailored to meet your needs and those of your dream school.

We know the way.

Guided by Head of Education, Giles Delaney, our programmes encapsulate his 16 years of expertise as a headmaster.

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Get ready for UK Summer Camp 2024 this July

29 Jan 2024

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Christmas Creative Writing: WINNERS ANNOUNCED

27 Dec 2023

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[AA Families Exclusive] Top School Interview Tips

5 Dec 2023

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Christmas Creative Writing Competition 2023

27 Nov 2023

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Interview Tips & Creative Writing Workshop

23 Oct 2023

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Welcome to your future.

Welcome to Academic Asia Education.

Academic Asia Education –
The home of aspirational learning and innovative education.

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Mr Giles Delaney, Head of Education

We are honoured to enjoy a reputation amongst the UK leading schools for our integrity and professionalism and in Hong Kong for the high-quality educational and personal support we offer to our students.


Our ambitious and caring approach shapes our commitment to delivering an unparalleled learning experience that will fuel future school and career aspirations, encourage innovation, and instill lifelong learning values. As you embark on this journey with us, explore not just an education, but also a world of opportunity which can pave the way to a remarkable future.

What parents and students say about us

I am incredibly proud of my son's growth after just 10 interview lessons with Mr Giles. His newfound inspiration and increased confidence in communicating with teachers and others are truly remarkable.
My son did very well in the interview; I was with him for some of it, and I was so surprised by his answers. I am so proud of him and thankful that we had Giles's guidance.
My two girls have completely different personalities, interests, and aspirations. Giles has a talent for identifying their strengths and areas for improvement, allowing him to customise the course accordingly.
Michelle Yuen
With Mr Delaney's support, my daughter improved her interview performance significantly. She also gained more confidence and enthusiasm for learning and self-development, which will serve her well in the future.

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